Living life authentically

And Without fear

Chelsea Hanson is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose melodic warmth and power takes you to a whimsical place between relaxation and ecstatic movement. Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, her unique vocal tone is difficult to place into a box or genre, yet effortlessly flows between many styles. Her words stem deep from her heart, and empathically grab hold of your heart strings. There's a radiant, soulful passion that she emulates, which captures her zest for life, inner growth, and her many travels around the world.

Performing and songwriting since she was three, this songstress has always led a life filled with music, growing up in musicals, choruses, music academies, dance studios, and even an award winning A cappella group at Virginia Commonwealth University. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, she moved to Spain to teach English and performed. A year later she returned home and became a prominent radio personality. It wasn't until a serious car accident, which caused her to break both of her ankles and learn how to walk again, did she decide to pursue her music professionally and released her first single. During the pandemic, she left her radio job and began living and working on super yachts, traveling to 20 countries in two years, and busked in every new place she could. 

In the past few months, she was featured on WTKR Channel 3's "Coast Live" morning show, on WHRO 89.5's "Emerging Artist Concert Series" and "Hunter At Sunrise" radio show, featured on Pharrell Williams' "Something In The Water" Community Playlist, and has released two new singles. Chelsea has also opened for VEER magazine's Best Of 2023 winner "The JD3 Band", and performed at the Richmond Blues and Bluegrass Festival.